How secure is your home from a break-in? reduce the risk of burglary with a security alarm system

Is your home and family protected in the event of a burglar breaking into your home?

In addition to a security alarm system, there is a broad range of ways to make your home safe and secure. By arranging an obligation-free onsite quotation Kiwi Secure visit your home and arrange a comprehensive inspection to check every area of your home including doors, windows and target areas for thieves looking to break into your home and steal your valued possessions.

Our aim is to provide insight into areas of your home that might be a target for opportunistic burglaries. Many burglars scope out a property ahead of time working with others to target a property, by being aware of a few simple security tips you can protect your home and deter potential thieves from accessing your home.

A few simple considerations for your home security include:

Is it obvious that you are away from your home or on a holiday? Unopened mail or curtains that remain shut for an extended length of time are dead giveaways for this.

Are your windows and doors left open in your home? Even if they are not easily accessible, open windows and doors are tempting for potential burglars.

Do you have visible locks on your windows and doors? Locks are essential and can deter thieves looking for a home with low security measures in place.

Is the outside of your home well lit? A property that has adequate security lighting has a lower chance of being broken into or have thieves lurking in the darkness around the perimeter of your home.

Do you have a spare key left outside your home? While it may be easy for you and your family when you forget your keys, a spare key under your front door mat or pot plant is a security no-no.

Are the lights on or off all the time? Thieves watch for patterns and if you are away and your lights are always on or off they could see this as a great opportunity to break into your home.

Do you have high walls or a large hedge that could hide burglars? Walls and hedges protect thieves and provide protection from being seen, so consider either installing security lights to ensure any unwelcome guests are seen and not lurking in the darkness.

What’s access like to your home? Noisy gravel at the front of your home can deter potential break-ins and make potential thieves think twice about trying to access your home.

Are you aware of what’s laying around your home that could be tempting to burglars? A ladder laying around outside your home or valuable equipment in your garage can all be tempting for thieves and provide enough incentive for intruders to break in and steal your property. Always ensure any belonging in your shed or garage are protected with padlocks or locked up securely.

Securing your home and protecting your family from potential break-ins is simple with Kiwi Secure. We help homeowners just like you across New Zealand to safeguard their prized possessions with security alarm solutions that stand the test of time.

Are you ready to find out more about installing a security alarm or smoke detector for your property? Speak with the friendly team from Kiwi Secure and arrange an obligation free onsite quote today.