In the event of a fire, is your home protected by smoke detectors?

If you’re ever involved in a fire within your home, having a smoke detector could not only save you and your families life but also protect your belongings from significant damage.

If you’re looking to protect your family, pets, and yourself from death or serious injury during a fire, it’s important to ensure you have working smoke detectors installed throughout your property.

Smoke detectors work to detect smoke within a space, activating a loud alarm that alerts individuals within the property and issues an alarm to vacate the building. In many cases, smoke alarms are activated when you’re sleeping or in the middle of the night, a time when you’re usually less likely to notice a fire slowly igniting or smoke working through a property.

  • Wireless signals to control panel - when activated the smoke alarm will send three unique signals via wireless technology to the control panel. These signals include alarm, low battery and status.
  • Hourly updates to control panel – the smoke alarm will send hourly status updates to the control panel ensuring the property is safe and free from smoke.
  • Easy to maintain – once installed by an expert, your smoke alarm is easy to maintain, and the batteries are simple to remove and install.
  • Suitable for any décor – your smoke alarm is designed to blend in with your décor and is barely noticeable in the ceiling area of your property.

It’s well known that many people who are sleeping don’t smell smoke and are unlikely to wake up in the event of a fire, so the best way to protect you and your family from a fire is to install a domestic fire alarm to your property.

These days smoke alarms are mandatory in properties across New Zealand, so it is your legal obligation to ensure you and your property are adequately protected from fire.

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